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System overview

Why Choose us

Any tangible or intangible, one-time or recurring payment business idea is easy to understand and implement with our CRM and Marketing Funnels

AI attendance

Artificial intelligence that generates spectacular advertising and saves time in communications

Instantly Funnels

Access new forms of electronic commerce


It is profitable as long as you do not have to risk large amounts of money to use good technology

Your digital business

A software to automate your needs

AI to make WhatsApp clients

Youre never alone

We facilitate your life with personalized attention. We assign you a delegate for your account


Take a competitive advantage using Goplus Leads!

Carry out your business ideas in just a few minutes.
Adjust your offers quickly and sell!


Others specs

Start your digital transformation project

Products inventory

Verifica lo que más se vende con el control del inventario. Impulsa más productos de venta cruzada

Captación y seguimiento

Centralized info

Consulta la base de datos de tus clientes, productos y marketing para tomar mejores desiciones

Back Office CRM Preview

Panel estadístico
Perfil de usuario + Historia del consumo
Creación de productos + Publicidad con IA
Creación de productos + Publicidad con IA
Creation of campaigns with funnels
In-system AI assistance

This service is aimed at:

Entrepreneurs, merchants, marketers, people who work with design and advertising or who are digitizing their business, it is also an administrative management tool for companies that have products or services that are ready to be marketed with CRM and Funnels.


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